Dry Cleaning

Commitment to Quality

No matter what you bring in for cleaning, you can feel assured that we will do the job right, giving our utmost attention to the smallest tie, all the way up to the biggest bedspread! We pay close attention to detail, ensuring that your item is clean, fresh-smelling, and in excellent condition. While your clothing and other items can’t stay new forever, we can give you the next best thing—keeping you looking your best and preserving valuable pieces for years to come. Every client’s needs are different, and we make sure to work with you to meet your cleaning needs in an acceptable timeframe. Call us now if you are in need of express services for urgent jobs!


Commitment to the Environment

Some people think of dry cleaning and automatically think of dangerous chemicals—this is no longer necessary! By utilizing only the best, most innovative cleaning products, we are able to provide a dry-cleaning environment that is perc-free. What is a perc, and why should you avoid it? It is short for perchloroethylene, a synthetic, volatile organic compound (VOC) that can cause health problems for employees, clients, and the environment. While this substance has been used in dry cleaning for decades, new technology allows us to get your items just as clean without the damage or danger.


Our Services

  • Same-day dry cleaning done on premises
  • Cleaning of large household bedding (blankets, comforters, drapes, rugs)
  • Shirt laundering on hangers or in a box
  • Leather and suede cleaning and repair
  • Wedding gown cleaning and preservation
  • Cleaning of shoes including Uggs and sneakers
  • Pressing services
  • Fur cleaning and cold storage
  • Express services